• Handmade

    We hand make all of our soaps and bathbombs which means each soap and bath bomb is high quality. We get to inspect each and every one.

  • All Natural

    We use five different oils as the base for our soap. We don't add any other additives that trap dirt and leave your skin dry. It's an easy way to level up your skin care game.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    Does a bear poop in the woods? Of course, that's why we are mindful of our impact on the environment. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials including our biodegradable shrink wrap!

  • Cold Process

    Cold process is better for your skin because it relies on natural ingrediants and time instead of heat and additives to go through the chemical process called saponification (soap) This allows us to control exactly what goes into each bar of soap.

Why Pine Tar?

Pine tar and soap have a long history together going back centuries. It's known to help with a handful of skin conditions like eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, as well as other itchy skin conditions like insect bites and poisin ivy. Our Pondarosa Pine Tar has our base recipe plus the added tar and our Vetiver Pine Tar adds Oatmeal and Activated Charcoal for that extra clean.

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  • Rachel Williams

    I have loved wild bear soaps since I first bought their goods at a fair. My skin feels so soft, they're soaps smell wonderful, and their customer service is wonderful.

  • Timothy Gourlay

    Love this soap! Best soap you can buy!!!

  • Caitlyn Chandler Folkman

    Amazing fragrances, so easy on sensitive skin (even for my little 2 month old), and so many festive pretty designs love love LOVE!!

  • Jared Reed

    Realistically, not many soaps have made my skin feel soft. Well, Wild Bear Soaps sure does make my skin feel soft and I smell pretty good for hours after too :) I highly recommend if you're looking for a natural alternative to soft skin and a new soap routine.

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that came out to visit us during the Christmas craft show! We had a great event and it was great to see so many familiar faces! We don't have any other events this year but will let you know where we are going to be next year as soon as we know:)

Good Things Utah

Did you catch us on Good Things Utah? They invited us on to show off some of our soaps for Father’s Day. Check out the full video with the link below.

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